We all Know an Outstanding Counselor, Student, or Program:

Help PCA Recognize our Professional Heroes!

Nominations for Counseling Awards Due annually in September



Nominations to honor the hard work, commitment, and dedication of Pennsylvania counselors, students, and programs are accepted until September each year.  Help us give a few of our unsung heroes the recognition they deserve.  Please consider nominating a colleague, program, or graduate student for an award.  The award categories are listed below. Winners will be announced at the annual PCA conference luncheon. 

PCA Outstanding Practitioner Award -- Awarded to an outstanding professional counselor for service to the profession; nominees do NOT need to be PCA members.


PCA Lifetime Achievement Award -- Awarded to a PCA member who is a State of Pennsylvania resident and who has demonstrated outstanding dedication, service, and/or achievement in professional counseling.


PCA Outstanding Administrator Award -- Awarded to an outstanding institutional administrator who has demonstrated support of the professional counseling profession.


PCA Outstanding Counselor Education Program Award -- Awarded to an outstanding professional counseling program in the State of Pennsylvania.


PCA Outstanding Graduate Student Award -- Awarded to an individual who is currently a graduate student in professional counseling within the State of Pennsylvania and who shows excellent potential and professionalism; this individual shall be a PCA student member and shall have had some involvement with the association.


PCA Outstanding Research/Publication Award -- Awarded to a PCA member who has contributed to the professional counseling profession through outstanding effort in the area of research and/or publication.


David W. Hall Advocacy Award -- Awarded to an individual who has promoted the profession of counseling through advocacy to whom the many professional counselors in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania are forever indebted.


All nominations should address the information below and sent electronically to the Chair.  Each person submitting a nomination will receive a reply acknowledgement.  If you don't receive a reply after a few days, please send it again or contact the Awards Chair.

Submit Nominations to the Chair:  Deborah Duenyas: duenyas@kutztown.edu

The following information should be included with each nomination:

  1.      Title of the award for which the nomination is made
  2.      Name and title of the nominee
  3.      Mailing address, e-mail address, and telephone number(s) of the nominee
  4.      1-page rationale describing why this person or program deserves the award
  5.      Any supporting materials, which may include a curriculum vitae, program brochures, and letters of support
  6.      Mailing address, e-mail address, and telephone number(s) of the nominator

The exact deadline will be announce in the fall.