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BIPOC Mental Health Awareness Month

Dear PCA Members,

It is with great excitement we share Governor Shapiro's Proclamation to make July 2023 BIPOC Mental Health Awareness Month in the Commonwealth.  As stated in the proclamation, the unique experiences of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color include a history of extraordinary accomplishments.  These communities also encounter higher rates of trauma and mental health disparities as a result of systemic oppression.  As counselors, it is our duty to be culturally competent and provide support for mental wellness and access to care for BIPOC communities. 

PCA will continue to focus on serving Pennsylvania counselors and our clients through ongoing advocacy efforts.  We encourage you to visit our PCA Government Relations Committee webpage so that you may become more involved with PCA Advocacy efforts.  For more information or to see how you can become involved with the PCA Committee for Anti-Racism and Inclusive Action (CARIA), you may contact the Committee Co-Chairs, Christina Green and Anthony Vajda as available on the PCA website.

In solidarity,

Ashley Deurlein (she/her)
55th President
Pennsylvania Counseling Association


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