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Town Hall/Highmark & Tiered Licensure Update


Town Hall/Highmark & Tiered Licensure (12/6/23)

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And Corresponding Documents:

  • Title 40: Information on Insurance Law

*Send letter to their local office if you are mailing.  However, we recommend email through the portal above to ensure timely receipt.

  • Letter for PA Legislators to support Tiered Licensure:

We hope it’s comforting (and exciting) to hear that the long-term solution to the incident-to billing issue of being granted a licensed associate professional counselor license is closer than ever to becoming a reality. This week, the House’s Professional Licensure committee unanimously voted the bill (HB 1564) out of committee and onto the House floor. The Senate’s Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure committee will hopefully do the same when they vote on their version of the bill (SB1019). The fact that we have been able to make tiered licensure happen so quickly (within a month’s time!) is unprecedented – we’re so proud of this work!

Please encourage your circle to use the advocacy letter template here to write your elected legislators and ask their support of the bill during their respective chamber’s vote.

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